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WordPress Mess!

I may have almost pulled my hair out last night. I switched my blog from Blogger (through Google) to WordPress.

First of all, WordPress (.org, not .com) requires more computer knowledge than I have, so this will be a bit of a learning curve. While I was trying to fix some bugs last night, I found out that the answer the everything is in coding. Well…I can’t code. At all. So I guess I will have to practice every now and then. I also had trouble switching my domain name,, from Blogger to WordPress. At first, it worked beautifully. I was satisfied, so I shut the computer for this first time in several hours and went out to dinner with my parents. When I came back, my site didn’t work! After frantically searching the WordPress forums for answers, I was told to just wait patiently. So I went to bed very sad…I’m very attached to my blog!

So why did I bother making the switch? Well, I found out that my blog isn’t Google-able. I found that ironic, considering Google hosted my blog. I also have a limited amount of space on Blogger, so if I decide to keep this up for a few years, I’ll eventually hit a roadblock and have to switch over anyway. I read many articles about making this switch, and it was clear that the earlier I made the switch, the easier it would be. So now I’m off to fix more bugs: weird formatting, broken links, fixing ads, and learning how to get my header and my blog menu to switch places! (If you know how to do that, please let me know!)

Paleo & Exercise and other updates

I’m still in New Orleans visiting family and friends. Ryan went back to Houston on Saturday :(

Living in someone else’s home complicates the Paleo thing just a little bit. I’ve been doing the best I can while at home, and when I go out to eat (which has been quite the common occurrence) I let myself cheat a little bit. I figure if I just keep moving, it will all work itself out in the end! Last week I completed this Holiday Workout Challenge:

Holiday Workout Challenge

Visit my Workouts Page for more tough circuits like this one!

It’s a two day challenge! I completed 53% the first day, and finished up the next day. I was sore after day one, so you know I was exhausted after day two. But then I took a day off (…or two days off) before working out again. The purpose was to make sure I moved during the holidays.

This week I also completed this burpee challenge and went on two long walks with Molly.

I actually didn’t do the last part…where I have to do it all over again. After doing 45 burpees (with a squat jump between) and 45 deep squats, I didn’t feel the need to do it again. So I threw in some push ups and called it a day.

Question: What have you been doing to keep moving over the holidays?

Restaurant Calorie Disasters

Earlier today, we had a family “girls lunch” that included me, my sister, my aunt, my grandmother, and my seven-year-old cousin. My grandmother and my cousin both wanted to go to a Chinese buffet. Generally, Chinese buffets would be cause for anxiety…everything is fried and covered in a sweet sauce. But this Chinese buffet had plenty of choices!

I got a small serving of a bunch of different things: seafood stuffed mushrooms, spicy sausage, spinach, calamari, fresh veggies, and plantains. I also had a few raw oysters. These aren’t usually items found on a Chinese buffet line, but this place clearly wants to please everybody!
Sometimes it’s easy to make good choices at a restaurant…other times it’s not as clear how much damage one meal can do. I came across this article on The New York Times website called “What 2,000 Calories Looks Like.” It takes a look at ~2000 calorie meals from popular chain restaurants.
This Chipotle meal, for example: Carnitas burrito (945), chips and guacamole (770), and coke (276)
So obviously you can go for the salad, no chips, and a diet drink or water. Yes, there are always healthier choices. But would you have ever guessed this meal was 1,991 calories?
Next up is Maggiano’s. We ate at Maggiano’s Little Italy for Ryan’s resident dinner. At the end of the night, they brought out slices of chocolate zuccotto cake…SO good. These slices were definitely meant to share, as one slice was the size of a small child. It’s a good thing I split one because they’re 1,790 calories each! Pair that cake with a cappuccino and you’ve quickly consumed well over 2,000 calories.
Another new fast food place, Potbelly, makes a 2,000 calorie meal with orange/mango juice (250), and Italian sandwich (1,088), chips (220), and a cookie (420).
You can check out the article if you want to hear about a few more calorie-laden meals, but the point is pretty clear. Sometimes when we’re on the road or need a quick meal, we might go for  Subway or Chipotle or Potbelly (I actually haven’t seen a Potbelly in the south…) and that’s fine if we’re aware of what we’re eating. Sure, eating a few too many calories is no big deal. But 2,000 for one meal? I’m saving those meals for the holidays :)
Question: What calorie disasters have you learned of recently? I’ve always known eggnog was high in calories and sugar, but I didn’t know they could fit so much fat and sugar into a half cup serving! I won’t spoil it for you if you still love eggnog :)


Another Article About New Year’s Resolutions

It’s December 27th, and there are countless blog posts and articles showing up on news feeds about how we should or shouldn’t make our resolutions for the new year. One article claims we should do away with resolutions all together, another claims we’ve been doing it all wrong, and another faults anyone who makes “vain” resolutions related to health and fitness.

It might just be me, but I find resolutions to be a personal matter. Those who create resolutions year after year are working on themselves, and that’s awesome in and of itself. There’s no need to have another fame-seeking fitness trainer or life coach telling us that our resolutions are too vague and don’t have enough purpose behind them. WhatEver. My resolutions to “walk more” and “eat less sugar” are just fine, thank you.

So make your list vague or write yourself a detailed manifesto. Post the list on the fridge or hide it in a junk drawer. Reflect on your list in a month or burn it in the fireplace. They’re your resolutions, and there’s no “right” way to go about making that list.

With that said, I have this new blogging habit that compels me to make my resolutions public. Earlier this year, I created a list of Autumn Resolutions. It just made more sense to me…we just moved to Houston, I had a new job, and I started working out differently. And Autumn is inspiring :) So I made Autumn Resolutions.

For this new year, I have only two resolutions: walk more and eat less sugar. Yes, they’re vague. They don’t require much explanation either. I’m happy with my tough workouts, but I also want to include more low-impact, stress-relieving long walks. And I want to eat less sugar and carby foods…no further explanation needed.

As long as you create a list that’s true to you and improvements you want to make for yourself, then your list is just fine.

Question: What are your goals for the new year? What fitness/health advice are you tired of hearing???

Holiday Workout Challenge!

I’m writing today’s post from New Orleans! Ryan and I woke up bright and early to drive from Houston, and we made it to NOLA by 11am. We chatted with his parents for a bit and ate some delicious mirliton soup. Ryan’s dad gave him a perfect present…

A giant tub of cookie dough! We should start taking bets on how quickly Ryan will go through it :)


Join me for a challenge!

Today is Christmas Eve, and I’m excited to celebrate with family tonight and tomorrow. But I also know these next couple of days will likely result in no workouts. So in order to avoid the holiday workout slump, I’m going to instate a two-day challenge!

Here’s how it works:
Below is a list of exercises that must be completed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (or you could try it later next week on New Years Eve and New Years Day.) You can split everything down the middle, or you can categorize it into one cardio and one strength day, or one lower body and one upper body day, or fit in as much as you can the first day and finish up the second day…you can organize however you’d like, but you have to get it all done!

Try it with me!

Here’s what I completed earlier today:
(Click name of exercise if it’s unfamiliar)
150/300 Squats
60/150 Push Ups
100/100 Tricep Dips
30/50 Burpees
3.0/5.0 Miles
2:30 Minutes Plank
I completed 53% of the whole challenge :) I’ll finish the rest tomorrow.
Question: What tips and tricks do you use to get in workouts on tough days? I know Ryan will probably play football with some family members, so he’s good :)
Happy Holidays!