Self-Care & Sanity

What keeps you sane?

We’re all hard workers with truly stressful daily lives, and I often wonder how we (people, in general) keep it together day in and day out. I mean, really…from the moment your alarm clock gives you a minor heart attack, we’re thrown into the midst of problems that exist in the scary adult world.  I don’t even have children yet and I wonder how everything is going get done!

In these frantic moments, it’s important to stop, relax, and simply take care of yourself. Sure, exercising, eating large salads, and drinking plain herbal tea are ultimately great for you, but that’s not what self-care really means.  Self-Care involves knowing yourself and investing time in yourself.

Here are a few things I do to keep myself happy, healthy, and sane enough to participate in the adult world:



1. Positive Body Image Podcasts

Before you finish that eye-roll, let me explain. Most of my podcasts are health related, and each host has a different take on what’s “healthy.” I’m totally okay with that because health means different things for different people. But one podcast I think EVERYONE should get on board with is Summer Innanen’s Fearless Rebelle Radio.

When you’re feeling down on yourself for any reason, this girl can talk you through it. Her podcast interviews cover topics about work, love, health, and body image. At the end of each episode, I walk away feeling reset and reminded of really matters.

I also began following the Mind Body Musings podcast, hosted by Madelyn Moon, which talks about similar topics. Madelyn used to be a vegetarian bodybuilder who obsessed over calorie counts. Many of her podcast episodes include stories from her past and how she overcame her struggles.

2. A long walk

Even though I’m on Spring break, today still had its stressful moments. I needed to perfect a recipe I’m contributing to another food blog (the pressure was on!), and I also needed to make some much-needed updates to my blog layout. After having near-panic moments during both tasks, I decided to leave everything alone and go for a long walk.

#1 and #2 kind of go together because I always listen to a podcast on a long walk. Today I listened to Jillian Michaels whose topics covered the awkwardness of making friends as an adult and a few health hacks to make life a little easier. After an hour and ten minutes, I felt more relaxed and centered.

3. Glee

Don’t laugh. Or do laugh…I don’t care. I would call Glee a guilty pleasure, but it’s honestly better than 90% of what’s on television so I don’t feel all that guilty.

Glee is an awesome show. First of all, the actors are real, trained, professional singers. That’s enough of a reason to watch. Secondly, the show addresses real problems with absurd humor. And lastly, Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch in track suits) is always there to make fun of anything that gets a little too cheesy. The good guys win, and bullies are reformed. Glee, while ridiculous at times, helps keep me sane!

4. Cooking…with wine

When I’ve had a rough day at work, the first thing I do when I get home is pour myself a glass of wine and start cooking dinner. I really enjoy cooking, and I enjoy it even more with a glass of wine and a good Pandora station or podcast in the background.

Wine and spatula in hand, I’m free to dance and sing in the kitchen and forget the day’s worries for a little while :)

5. America’s Funniest Home Videos

Yes, I am in fact 80 years old and love watching AFV. The videos of dogs and cats make me laugh so hard I cry, and people receive immediate karma for doing dumb things. It’s really satisfying.  Have you seen it? Just watch it. So funny.

6. Hiking

I belong in the mountains, or at least near large rolling hills. Hiking on a real trail, with lots of tall trees, underbrush, streams, and waterfalls leaves me in a calm and centered place. My problems no longer seem so stressful, and I feel like I’m right where I need to be.

Okay, enough gushing. :)

What little things do you do for yourself to stay happy, healthy, and sane?

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