Why “Bikini Body Ready” Programs are Not Okay

This is the first post I’ve written in a week! Ryan and I have been SUPER busy in these last couple of weeks, so blog posting has gone to the wayside. Now that my grad school program is finishing up for the semester and some of our grown-up obligations are being fulfilled, I have time to return and post about the things that make me happy :) Today’s topic falls under one of my favorite categories: body image.

there is no wrong way to have a body

Just Say “No!” to “Bikini Body Ready” Programs

Now that we’re well into Spring and on our way to summer, I’m seeing the annual “Get Bikini Ready!” blog posts and web articles. These articles usually include tips like: cut sugar! cut bread! sweat a ton to lose water weight! cut just 500 calories a day! take supplements!

There are a few things wrong with this kind of yearly call to action.

  • It assumes that you feel the need to change. You already look GREAT in a bikini. You don’t have to change yourself simply because the calendar pages are moving forward.
  • It assumes that there is only one way people should look in a bikini.

happiness isn't size specific

  • For whom am I supposed to be changing my body? Think about it…shouldn’t it just be about you and how you feel in your own skin? My husband loves me all year long, not just during bikini season. He’s happy with me year round. I’m happy with me year round. Why does anyone else’s opinion even matter?
  • Whether or not I personally feel bikini ready (which just sounds so silly) is no one’s business but my own. POPSugar, Nike, Weight Watchers, and everyone else professing this “bikini body” nonsense should just stay out of it.

There is a constant influx of media concerning the way women look. Yes, everyone should strive to feel happy and healthy, but we don’t need profit-driven businesses telling us how to eat or how to look. We’re fine the way we are, thank you.

love yourself first and everything else falls into line

I’ll say it again: any and every woman can ROCK a bikini. You do not need to crash diet and change around your whole schedule to look a certain way. Do you want to eat healthier to feel better? Awesome. Do you want to work out more often to feel strong? Cool. Should you do these things to look a certain way in a bathing suit? Nope. I personally don’t believe that’s a healthy mindset. The cold water and fresh sunshine on a beautiful beach won’t care about your bathing suit.

exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it

I’m all for wanting to improve oneself in the name of health, so be sure whatever regimen you have is safe, healthy, and just right for you!

What kinds of food/exercise/hobbies make you feel your best? Scroll down to comment!

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