Ballet Pilates & Grown-Up Problems

Happy Monday!

My free Mondays are quickly disappearing. My first official day of work is August 3rd, although I have been doing a little work in my classroom. Come August, I’ll be teaching 8th grade Georgia history and English/Language Arts.

Usually during this time of year, I’m in my classroom everyday getting everything set up, writing lesson plans, and generally preparing for the school year. But at the moment, I’m trying to finish up some major graduate school assignments. The semester ends on July 31st, which leaves me exactly one weekend before work begins…then two weeks later my Fall semester grad school classes begin!

Attempting to blog, take classes, and start a new job is not easy! That’s why I’m pretty much a huge slacker right now when it comes to blogging. Speaking of which…I do have a quick workout video to share with you today :)

WORKOUT – Ballet Pilates

Yesterday, Ryan, his friend Sean, and I went for a run around Stone Mountain. First, we ran the beautiful 5 mile loop around the base of the mountain, and then we went to the top for an added uphill mile. Needless to say, we were pretty exhausted!

So my workout today was quite simple. After yesterday’s run (and a little bit of a climb), I didn’t want to go for another run or do a challenging 45 minute boot camp workout. Instead, I chose a nice ballet/pilates workout I found on YouTube!

This video is about 20 minutes long, not including warm up and cool down. I paired this exercise with some planks and push ups to give my upper body some love! It’s not a huge calorie scorcher, but it’s perfect for toning and practicing balance.

Find another ballet inspired workout here! You can also visit my Workouts page for circuits and cardio ideas :)

Question: What’s your “easy day” workout?

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