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  Hi! I’m Clare Gravolet. I am 25 years old, and for the last few years I have been teaching in New Orleans. I recently moved with my husband Ryan to Houston. In addition to teaching, I’ve always loved reading and learning about health and fitness. This blog is my way of sharing what I learn and how I implement new ideas.


Food/Fitness Philosophy:

I follow the primal lifestyle, primarily inspired by Mark Sisson’s progam on Mark’s Daily Apple. My food choices are ‘natural’ and based in the Paleo diet. I eat meat, nuts, eggs, fruit, vegetables, and some dairy on occasion. I also try to move every day. I run, walk, and bike. I also lift weights (if you can call it that) and perform many body-weight based workout routines. Occasionally, I’ll throw in yoga, ballet, and pilates. If you click here, you can find the workout routines I’ve put together!

Beautiful Hawaii!

Why I blog:

Honestly, I think about this stuff all. day. long. It’s important to me, and I want to share what I’ve learned with other people. I am by no means claiming that I do things the “right” way. I am simply learning as much as I can about food and fitness. I put forth a good bit of energy and effort into eating right and staying fit, so I hope my efforts will make it easier on someone else looking for answers!

The Title:

I LOVE food. Ryan thinks it’s hilarious. I truly enjoy eating delicious food. I don’t like wasting time on food that I don’t feel like eating. If I eat a meal with foods I didn’t actually want to eat, I feel cheated. I think Well, that wasn’t very pleasant. When’s snack time?  So rice cakes and any other low-fat crap is out of the question. I eat real, whole foods. I make them as delicious as possible. Food is one of the best parts of life. Yes, Life.

Green trails, right in the middle of Houston!

Some Likes:

Mountains, especially the Smoky Mountains
Teaching (specifically history)

Some Dislikes:

Over-priced clothing. All of my workout clothes are from Target and Old Navy.
Bland food. I’m from New Orleans. Food must be delicious at all times.
Cold. Again, I’m from the south. One snow a year is great. Otherwise, pipe down.
Over-cooked chicken. Cooking chicken stresses me out! I’m terrified of over-cooking it because then it tastes like a paper towel.

Thanks for reading!

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