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The Ultimate Fitness Challenge Song: Bring Sally Up!

Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve all had fabulous weeks and are ready for FRIDAY! I started a new job this week, and so far I’m loving my school and fellow teachers :) Being surrounded by enthusiastic teachers who choose to work in a challenging environment and constantly talk about how they love what they do is so inspiring! I am so ready for Monday!

“Teacher Tired”

There is, however, one small negative aspect of this otherwise wonderful week. Fatigue. There’s a certain “teacher tired” feeling that comes with the first few weeks of school…and every year I forget about it before it comes roaring back in August.

In the midst of the new job adventures, I’m also training for a half-marathon on September 12th. Skipping workouts is not an option…but I still skipped a run and a cross-training workout anyway. I’m just so tired! I need to get it together, be an adult, and go to bed on time!

I also need to squeeze in those strength workouts that are so important for well-rounded fitness. When there’s no time (and little energy) to devote to a full workout, I do a couple of quick fitness challenge videos on YouTube. Recently, I’ve noticed a particular song, Bring Sally Up, lends itself to some tough ones!

“Bring Sally Up” Fitness Challenge


I’ve done this one a couple of times. I can make it to 1:15 before I have to drop down from regular push ups to assissted. This one’s tough!


Today, I completed this one right after doing the push up challenge. My arms were burning! In the middle of the video, I gave the up/downs a rest and started doing plank twists instead. But I made it through 2 minutes of the video in plank position!

And last but not least,


I haven’t tried this one yet. I’m pretty certain I can finish this one, but I’ll report back after I’ve actually completed it :)

Before I go, let me leave you with this fantastic link! I had the opportunity to write a guest post at CarrieElle.com! I wrote about the body positivity I’ve seen this past summer. Click here to read it! Thank you to Carrie Elle for the opportunity!

Question: What’s your favorite fitness video, YouTube or otherwise?

Upper Body Workout – Push ups & Planks!

  After yesterday’s long and overly-honest post about being true to my self, today’s post will be shorter and much simpler! Today I have an upper body workout involving plenty of push ups and planks and some salad ideas!

I really enjoyed my long walk yesterday, and I felt another walk coming on this morning.  On the news, they said thunderstorms would be rolling in, so I needed to get my butt moving. I downloaded a few podcasts and selected two that added up to an hour. It’s important to MOVE when going for walks. Walking is great exercise, but not if you’re being a slow poke! I run frequently and do many different types of strength exercises, but something about walking fast the last two days has made my glutes and back sore!


Just some flowers I saw on my walk :)

Upper Body Workout – Push ups and Planks!

 After my walk, I planned my Push ups and Planks Workout. The wonderful thing about push ups and planks is that they’re really the same thing. A push up is just a moving plank. If there are any exercises you can’t do on your toes, then you can do adapted push ups and planks on your knees. I’ve also included a bunch of videos below in case you’re unsure what exercise I’m talking about.

upper body body weight workout

 Links to videos:

Planks: PlankSide Plank
Misc: Supermen
Push Ups: regular, tricep, clapping (I had to do these resting on my knees!)
Abs, other: V-ups,six inches hold, bicycle hold, flutter kicks, scissor kicks

Today’s Eats

 I had two salads today. This one was lunch and I topped some spring mix with purple cabbage, goat cheese, Aidell’s Habanero chicken sausage, and cilantro. The salad we had at dinner (which is not pictured here because the photo came out so badly that the salad looked like a pile of slop) was topped with left over Carnitas and Cauliflower Rice. What can I say…I like putting weird things on salad.


Question: What do you like to put on salads? We could all use some creative ideas to spice up a bland pile of lettuce!